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Poole Shaffery & Koegle, LLP Overview

If you are searching for experienced business law representation in the Santa Clarita area, we invite you to contact an attorney at our firm. Poole Shaffery & Koegle, LLP has been assisting business professionals throughout California since 1998, when the firm was first founded by partners David Poole and John Shaffery. Now our firm continues to grow in both size and areas of practice, allowing us to provide our clients with the level of personalized attention that they deserve and the skill set and experience needed to successfully represent the case at hand. From business disputes to business dissolutions, the team at Poole Shaffery & Koegle, LLP handles it all.

The Santa Clarita business attorneys at Poole Shaffery & Koegle, LLP often focus on early and cost-efficient resolutions to the broad range of complex disputes they handle, wherever practical and in the best interests of the client. The firm understands that litigation can be time-consuming, costly, and devastating to the long-term success and viability of a company, which is why, when circumstances warrant, mediation, early neutral evaluation or arbitration can be viable alternatives for those looking to mitigate risk and resolve the dispute prior to trial.

Poole Shaffery & Koegle, LLP, the Santa Clarita business attorneys provide skilled counsel in business formation. Whether a corporation (C-corp, S-corp, flexible purpose corporation or benefit corporation) limited liability company (LLC), a partnership (general or limited) or limited liability partnership (LLP), or matters related to the formation of the correct entity for a joint venture, the firm has the insight and experience necessary to create a business entity that reflects the expected operation and future growth of the enterprise, and that will provide limited liability protection to its owners.

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