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Corporate, Environmental and Other Legal Services Law Firm
Michelman and Robinson, LLP
Main Office
10880 Wilshire Boulevard
19th Floor
Los Angeles, California 90024

Phone (310) 299-5500


Michelman and Robinson, LLP Overview

M&R delivers client service excellence. That’s the firm’s mission and that’s just what we do.

This excellence is demonstrated by our unyielding commitment to diligently protect clients’ interests and ensure their successes. So how do we do it? With an approach to our clients and their legal work that’s simply different and – we believe – simply better.

At M&R, we handle matters in partnership with our clients. Be it a difficult class action case, a multi-party acquisition deal or anything in between, the firm is always mindful to include our clients in the process – from strategy to decision-making. This philosophy and practice of inclusion ensures that clients are continually engaged throughout our representation and aware of the twists and turns inherent in litigation and transactions. Where bombshells are the norm at many traditional law firms, at M&R, client inclusion means that uninvited (and oftentimes costly) surprises are kept to a bare minimum.

Our nuanced understanding of client industries also exemplifies our work. We know that our uncompromising attention to detail and preparation is critical to the firm’s successful representation of clients, as is our unrivaled command of law and procedure. But we also know that’s not enough to meet our clients’ exacting standards, which require an in-depth and practical grasp of their businesses. This is another attribute that separates M&R from the rest – industry savvy that allows us to factor into our representation the operational and big-picture business issues that our clients keep front-of-mind.

Michelman and Robinson, LLP Areas of Law

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