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SwedelsonGottlieb Overview

Swedelson Gottlieb is a full-service community association law firm that provides the highest quality legal counsel to condominium, townhouse, stock cooperative, and planned development homeowner associations (HOAs) throughout California. Since 1987, we have dedicated our firm to the complex and multi-disciplinary practice of community association law, and our attorneys have earned a reputation for expert advice, exemplary service, and outstanding results. Our clients appreciate that our counsel extends beyond the law — we consider ourselves educators, problem solvers, corporate advisors, discussion facilitators, and advocates.

Legal services for community associations involve a hybrid of more conventional specialty areas including real estate, corporate, litigation, employment, construction, and insurance law. We use our wealth of experience in this field to advise our clients on the many challenges of association management, ranging from governing document enforcement to mold issues to collection strategies. We give our clients the tools and the answers so that they can provide the best possible leadership to the associations that trust them. For more than three decades, we have counseled a wide array of community associations.

SwedelsonGottlieb provides experienced legal counsel to community associations on a wide range of matters, including disclosure obligations to association members, the use of reserves to fund maintenance and repairs, the levy and collection of assessments, the preparation and negotiation of vendor contracts, and counseling on corporate governance and common area repair issues. Additionally, we can assist your association with all litigation matters, including architectural enforcement, judgment collection, and governing document compliance issues.

SwedelsonGottlieb Areas of Law