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Los Angeles, CA Criminal & DUI Defense Law Firm
Kraut Law Group
6255 Sunset Boulevard
Suite 1520
Los Angeles, California 90028

Phone (323) 464-6453 or (888) 334-6344


Kraut Law Group Overview

Kraut Law Group is a criminal defense firm serving clients throughout the communities of Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Orange Counties with offices in Los Angeles, Long Beach, Glendale, Beverly Hills, Burbank, and Pasadena.

Practice area includes DUI and driving offenses, white collar crimes and fraud, theft-related crimes, drug offenses, lewd conduct, homicide, domestic violence, and other felonies and misdemeanors as well as expungements.

Attorney Michael E. Kraut completed his legal studies at Harvard Law School and worked for more than 14 years as a Deputy District Attorney in Los Angeles. He understands the inner workings of investigations conducted by law enforcement and how prosecutors assemble their cases against a suspect. The legal team conducts a thorough and independent investigation of the criminal charges against clients, separate and apart from law enforcement.

Offering zealous legal advocacy, Kraut Law Group works to ensure clients’ rights are protected and plans strategic defenses designed to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Languages: Spanish, English

Kraut Law Group Areas of Law


Additional Areas of Law: Theft Crimes; Fraud; Assault; Battery; Warrants; Burglary; Insurance Fraud; Worker’s Compensation Criminal Fraud; Health Care Fraud; Lewd Conduct; Credit Card Fraud; Identity Theft; Elder Abuse Defense; Violent Crimes; Robbery; Criminal Threats; Arson; Kidnapping; Prostitution; Medical Marijuana; Welfare Fraud; Homicide; Embezzlement; Extortion; Felonies; Grand Theft; Auto Insurance Fraud; Conspiracy; Petty Theft; Misdemeanor; Felony Hit and Run; Check Fraud; Cycling Under the Influence (CUI); Driving on a Suspended/Revoked License; Drunk in Public; Open Container; Driving Offenses; Real Estate Fraud; Foreclosure Fraud; Insurance Crimes; Violation of Restraining Order; Driver’s License Suspension; DUI of Drugs; DUI with Injury; Manslaughter; Weapons Charges; Felony DUI; Receiving Stolen Property; Forgery; Bribery; Insider Trading; Mail Fraud; False Financial Statement; Income Tax Fraud; Money Laundering; Perjury; Financial Crimes; Mortgage Fraud; Larceny; Tax Evasion; Tax Fraud; Securities Fraud; Shoplifting; Child Abuse; Child Endangerment; Stalking; Carjacking; False Imprisonment; Domestic Battery; Rape; Solicitation; Child Pornography; Child Molestation; Indecent Exposure; Pimping and Pandering; Alcohol Crimes; Negligent Operator Law; Accessory After the Fact; Offenses at the Airport; Fireworks Offenses; Computer Access & Fraud; Public Assistance Fraud; Vehicular Theft; Telephone Harassment; Vandalism; Internet Crimes; Human Trafficking; Animal Cruelty; Aiding & Abetting.



Michael Kraut Mr. Michael E. Kraut
Criminal Defense, Drug Crime, DUI and DWI, Expungement



Robert Hankoff Mr. Robert A. Hankoff
Criminal Defense, DUI and DWI
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