September16 , 2021

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Bankruptcy, Litigation, Estate Planning & Real Estate Law Firm in Los Angeles, California
Vokshori Law Group
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Los Angeles, California 90017

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Vokshori Law Group Overview

The award-winning team at Vokshori Law stands on the principal that every consumer deserves a chance to stand up to predatory banks and mortgage companies. That’s why our passion, experience and diversity are at the heart of everything we do. Whether it’s thinking outside the box, embracing change or fighting for the underdog, we do things different around here.

An exceptional advocate. A big picture thinker. Honest, tough, and fair. Stephen was first attracted to the law because it draws on diverse talents and skills while performing a valuable public service. He stays because it’s rewarding to help a financially defeated family find their voice and footing again. Stephen’s early legal career involved a number of positions representing mortgage companies and banks, including managing partner at Taylor & Vokshori, a prominent real estate law firm, in-house legal counsel for a sizeable commercial and residential real estate company, litigation consultant with Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, and litigation associate at Demler, Armstrong & Rowland.

Over the years, Stephen grew painfully aware that consumers are grossly underrepresented and the cards unfairly stacked. Time and time again he saw consumers and mortgage holders being poorly treated, taken advantage of, or stripped of everything they had in a one-sided battle against a bank or mortgage company with far more resources and ample legal support. Stephen was frustrated and uneasy about the patterns he was seeing. That’s when he made a decision to turn the tables. In 2008, Stephen launched the Vokshori Law Group determined to use his knowledge and experience with the financial institutions to level the playing field for underrepresented consumers.

Vokshori Law Group Areas of Law

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