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Trust, Probate & Fiduciary Matters Law Firm in Los Angeles, CA
Schindler Eyrich LLP
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Los Angeles, California 90064

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Schindler Eyrich LLP Overview

Schindler Eyrich LLP is a trust, probate and fiduciary matters law firm located in Los Angeles, California. Practice areas and services include pre-dispute counseling, litigation, administration, adversarial hearings and trials, alternative dispute resolution, and appeals. The firm represents beneficiaries, trustees, executors, personal representatives, guardians and other fiduciaries, creditors, interested parties, and other clients in trust, estate and fiduciary matters.

Trudi Schindler and John F. Eyrich have more than 45 combined years of legal experience and, between them, have been admitted to practice in several state and federal courts, including the California State Bar; the U.S. District Court Southern, Central, and Northern Districts of California; the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth, Seventh, and Eleventh Circuits; and the U.S. Supreme Court.

Providing personalized attention, Schindler Eyrich LLP focuses on developing strategies and solutions suited to the particular needs of each client with skilled and knowledgeable counsel.

Schindler Eyrich LLP Areas of Law


Additional Areas of Law: Trusts; Pre-Dispute Counseling; Administration; Adversarial Hearings & Trials; Alternative Dispute Resolution; Appellate Practice; Fiduciary Matters; Fiduciary Litigation; Conservatorship; Guardianship; Elder Abuse Law; Will Contests; Trust & Estate Litigation; Breach of Fiduciary Duties.



John Eyrich John F. Eyrich
Estate Planning, Litigation, Will and Probate
Trudi Schindler Trudi Schindler
Arbitration, Estate Planning, Litigation, Mediation, Will and Probate