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Los Angeles, CA Family Law & Estate Planning Attorneys
MacKay & Martin, LLP
1801 Century Park East
Suite 2500
Los Angeles, California 90067

Phone (310) 919-5714


MacKay & Martin, LLP Overview

MacKay & Martin, LLP is a family law and estate planning firm located in Los Angeles, California. Practice areas consist of family law such as high asset divorce, child related matters, dissolution of same-sex marriages and domestic partnerships, marital agreements, and more as well as estate planning and asset protection including advance directives, wills and trusts, and powers of attorney. In addition to litigation, the firm offers mediation and settlement services.

Lauren E. MacKay and Edlin Martin are skilled and knowledgeable attorneys who seek fresh solutions to achieving clients’ goals and protecting their families’ unique interests. They are committed to honesty, educating clients so they can make informed decisions, and service.

MacKay & Martin works to develop plans and strategies based on each client’s individual needs. The legal team pursues the best possible results and most favorable outcomes with personal attention, experienced counsel, and dedicated advocacy.

MacKay & Martin, LLP Areas of Law


Additional Areas of Law: Advanced Healthcare Directives; Power of Attorney; Trusts; Asset Protection; HIPAA Authorization; Living Wills; Business Succession Planning; Health Care Proxy; Restraining Orders; Modifications of Judgements and Orders; High Asset Divorce; Child Relocation; Paternity; Parental Alienation; Asset Division; Marital Settlement Agreements; Legal Separation; Military Divorce; Postnuptial Agreement; Move-Away Cases; Same-Sex Domestic Partnership & Marital Dissolution; Spousal Support; Annulment.



Lauren MacKay Ms. Lauren E. MacKay
Divorce, Family Law, Litigation, Mediation
Edlin Martin Ms. Edlin Martin
Divorce, Estate Planning, Family Law, Litigation, Mediation