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Los Angeles, CA Probate, Trust & Estate Litigation Lawyers
Keystone Law Group, P.C.
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Los Angeles, California 90064

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Keystone Law Group, P.C. Overview

Keystone Law Group, P.C. is a probate, trust, and estate litigation and administration firm located in Los Angeles, California. The firm litigates claims and disputes between trustees, executors, beneficiaries, heirs, and creditors in matters such as inheritance, wills, financial elder abuse, and fiduciary responsibilities. and assists trustees, executors, and administrators with probate, trust, and estate administration and trust accounting. The attorneys provide assistance to conservators and guardians in court with the administration and/or litigation of issues concerning the conservatee or minor child.

The lawyers at Keystone Law Group are highly knowledgeable and experienced in handling a full range of matters including the most difficult and complex probate and estate legal issues and controversies. With a focus on creative thinking and carefully designed legal actions, they are dedicated to providing sound advice and effective representation.

Keystone Law Group, P.C. understands that the appropriate administration of property and assets can have a significant impact on all those involved. The legal team is committed to providing clients with concentrated, efficient legal advocacy catered to their individual needs and interests.

Keystone Law Group, P.C. Areas of Law


Additional Areas of Law: Conservatorships; Guardianships; Inheritance Dispute; Beneficiary Dispute; Fiduciary Dispute; Trusts; Will Contest; Trust Litigation; Estate Litigation; Power of Attorneys; Elder Financial Abuse; Counseling Trustees; Trust Accounting Disputes; Property Disputes; Trust Contests.



Shawn Kerendian Mr. Shawn S. Kerendian
Estate Planning, Litigation, Will and Probate
Joshua Taylor Mr. Joshua D. Taylor
Estate Planning, Litigation, Will and Probate

Of Counsel

Verlan Kwan Ms. Verlan Y. Kwan
Of Counsel
Estate Planning, Litigation, Will and Probate



Roee Kaufman Mr. Roee Kaufman
Estate Planning, Litigation, Will and Probate
Monica Yun Ms. Monica C. Yun
Estate Planning, Litigation, Will and Probate

Keystone Law Group, P.C. Affiliations

  • Beverly Hills Bar Association
  • San Francisco Bar Association
  • Los Angeles County Bar Association
  • State Bar of California